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Donations help us make a difference
in Newport News

Your donations help fund our candidate campaigns, member events, social media outreach and so much more! Every little bit helps and we appreciate any contribution to our cause! If you want to donate just click the donate button below! For members wanting to pay their annual dues online just click the donate button and input the appropriate amount for your annual dues ($50 per member). Once you have made your payment email us with a copy of the confirmation noting that the donation was intended to pay your annual dues. You can also pay your dues in person at our monthly committee meetings.

Now is the time to volunteer

It is the NNR's passion to protect the rights and liberties of our fellow neighbors in Newport News but in order to do that a lot of work goes on behind the scenes. From getting petitions signed to being a candidate, the NNR needs you and other like minded, motivated, individuals to come and help us get our message out and get qualified officials who support our beliefs in office. The latest election results have shown we can no longer sit home and only go out on voting day. We need to be out and actively sharing our message so that we can actively grow support, get votes, and protect our rights. Please join us by volunteering or becoming a member of the NNR. 

Here is how you can volunteer and be a part of the NNR:

  • Membership - The NNR is continuing to grow and we need you! If you agree with our values then what's stopping you? Become a member and join the movement! We are about friendship, family, and having a good time while working to preserve our cherished liberties for the future generations. Membership is only $50 for the whole year and that grants you access to meetings and a voice in the committee. If you're for what we are for, don't wait join us today! If your interested email us and come to one of our meetings!

  • Volunteers - want to help out? Great! You're the backbone of the electoral process! Getting petitions signed, helping run NNR events, passing out flyers, and putting up signs are what get candidates in office and you can be a crucial part of that. Come join us. Do something meaningful and have fun while you're at it! We do life together -it is the republican PARTY after all. Send us an email and we will get back to you asap with what you can do!

  • Candidates - Do you have a passion for your city? Have you thought about applying for a city position or running for elected office? If you share our values and want to consider running then become a member of the NNR! We have the organization and experience to help you apply for a city position and run a successful campaign. Email us today!

To inquire about being a member, volunteer, or a candidate email us with your name, best contact info, and where you would like to help out. We will get back to you within 24 hours with details on how you can meet us in person to become a member or help out!

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