may 8th convention voting information

The voting for the Newport News and Hampton Delegates will be held Saturday May 8th at the old bank in Warwick Center 10800 Warwick Blvd, Newport News VA 23601. Voting times are from 9:00am to 4:00pm. 

Religious Exemption: For those who observe Saturdays as a religious day and can not come out you may vote one day prior at the Norfolk location. In order to do this please email us your intent and we will send your information to the 3rd district committee. If you elect to vote at this time you will be voting on Friday May 7th at the Norfolk Location your request must be submitted by May 4th.

Welcome to the newport news republicans (nnr)

We are your local GOP committee. We are strong, we are ready.  Our purpose is to represent the people of Newport News and impact our city for good by supporting local, state, and federal candidates in accordance with the Republican Party Creed. Our goal is to protect individual liberties, including: the right to bear arms, preventing illegal search and seizures, protection of the unborn, and eliminating high taxes and government over-regulation

We welcome all like minded individuals and are seeking volunteers and members to support our continued growth and impact in our community. Go to our volunteer section to learn how you can get involved. Check out our event calendar for information on NNR meeting dates, candidate events, and city council meetings.

Explore our web page using the links in the banner above to learn more about our party, where we stand on issues or discover other local republican clubs, as well as current elected officials and current candidates.